We hear a lot about the value of hard work. Our parents, grandparents, and teachers all promote the message. My husband’s grandfather always asked only one question: “Are you getting enough work?”

My paternal grandfather was a teacher, boatbuilder and pattern maker who worked into his mid 80’s, still building boats. Both men lived through two world wars and the Great Depression. They both had a deep-rooted faith and knew that living it out through their work and in all aspects of life was integral and essential to life itself.

But somehow this has gone astray, and our lives reflect the unbiblical sacred/secular dualism where what happens at Church on Sunday is ministry, and Monday to Saturday are for secular activities.

Vennture aims to help break down the sacred/secular dualism in the church, redirect Sunday toward Monday, and empower the whole people of God for service and ministry in the world.

Let me introduce you to someone who many would say had a boring, meaningless job. He was a kitchen aide, and spent his days cooking, cleaning, and doing chores. Yet no matter how mundane the routine, he found God’s love and presence with him. This man became known as Brother Lawrence, who was born in 1614 and worked as a monk in France.

Brother Lawrence modelled to those around him how to find God while doing what he called ‘common business’. For him, the issue was not the sacredness or worldly status of the task, but the motivation behind it. For Brother Lawrence, he simply needed to ‘bring oneself into the consciousness of God’s presence.’ The size of the task mattered little, and he shared the following wisdom: “We ought not to be weary of doing little things for the love of God, who regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed.” The most effective way Brother Lawrence had for communicating with God was to simply do his ordinary work.

Do you wish you could find meaning in the mundane? Do you desire to find purpose through your work? At Vennture, we are teaching God’s people to ‘do little things with great love.’ Through our key pillar of Formation, we offer foundational and practical teaching, training, coaching and mentoring in order to help equip people of faith to transform every square inch of the world through their daily work.

Understanding the Theology of Work helps Christians to integrate their faith with their work. Learning this theology helps us apply God’s truth, purpose, and passion to our everyday lives. Whether we’re a student, businessperson, teacher, missionary, or have a different vocation, all of our lives are affected by what we believe about God and work. An understanding of workplace theology is foundational because our work is the most significant mission field in the world!

Several of our global partners are already reshaping their previous views of work and worship and are integrating a more holistic understanding of a theology of work.

Teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring helps our partners, churches, and individuals grow in their understanding of marketplace theology and practice the integration of faith and work in their daily lives.

Our partnership with the Institute for Marketplace Transformation (IMT) has provided opportunities for our global teams to study and learn about the biblical theology of work and how they can integrate their faith with their work seven days a week. Both the Africa and Latin America teams are pursuing a Certificate in Marketplace Transformation through IMT.

Gato Munyamasoko, CBM’s Peace and Reconciliation Specialist in Rwanda shared the following: “My understanding of the theology of Faith and Work has grown in the sense that I came to realize that God is not only in the church but everywhere that work is done for the wellbeing of his people and creation. Secondly, I came to understand that there is a gathered church on Sunday and a scattered church the rest of the week (Monday to Saturday) and every believer is a minister when he does everything by Faith, Hope and Love.”

The Africa team recognized from the very first course they took that contextualization for their specific culture was needed. That course is now in its final edit phase as they prepare to meet with denominational leaders in Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Together, they will learn and discuss how best to introduce this theology of whole-life discipleship to pastors, workers, leaders and church members.

“The things that we have studied and learned over the past couple of years regarding faith and work have not just been something new that I have added to what I already knew,” said Darrell Bustin, CBM Field Staff in Rwanda. “It was deeper than that. It was more of a paradigm shift. I have grown up in the church and have been reading the Bible my whole life. But suddenly it is like I have new lenses on. I am reading verses that I have always been very familiar with, but now I am seeing them in a whole new way. It has deepened my understanding of the integral mission to which God has called us.”

In Latin America, as the team also studies in the certificate program, materials are being taught weekly to groups of pastors in Guatemala and Bolivia as quickly as they can be translated. The growth and enthusiasm in the field is exciting.

IMT also offers a free video series, “Doing God’s Business”, that is ideal for an introduction to workplace theology for individuals and small groups, and comes with discussion questions and a study guide.

“IMT courses have given me an understanding that God cares for me in every single aspect of my life (including my work) and reinforces the fact that God loves me and can use my whole being for his kingdom,” said Patty Nacho, CBM’s Program Officer in Bolivia.

In Canada, formation is also taking place in several ways. Conferences, workshops, small group studies, and webinars all help individuals and churches to understand their faith and work as a part of whole-life discipleship.

As a mission organization, CBM, through Vennture, recognizes Formation as a key step in equipping the scattered church to make a kingdom impact at their work.

Upcoming Conference 

CBM, through Vennture, is excited to be partnering with Crandall University to provide a two-day conference early in 2023. Dr. R. Paul Stevens, the former Academic dean at Regent College, prolific writer in the realm of Faith and Work, and founder of IMT is a key input speaker. Crandall University, as an educational institution “transforming lives through quality university education firmly rooted in the Christian faith”, is in a unique position to prepare students for whole-life discipleship, regardless of the path of life and career they choose upon graduation.

Work as Worship: Service Resources

Inspire and motivate your church members to reflect God’s image through creative and innovative daily work. Through these resources, Vennture supports you as you mobilize every person in your congregation to join God’s redemptive mission in the world through work.

Resources include;
-Sermon outline and notes
-Scripture readings
-Responsive readings
-Worship songs

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