Tim & Kallie Hutton

Serving in Bolivia

Tim and Kallie are working with the staff of CBM’s partners, the Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB) and its development arm, OBADES, to build and support effective programs and ministries. They are working to get churches involved with strategic community development projects as well as expanding the capacity of the seminary to train effective leaders. Another important focus is improving accessibility to theological resources and other vital information that can be challenging for Bolivians to access.

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Tim and Kallie Hutton

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Tim and Kallie are CBM Global Field Staff who work with CBM’s partners, the Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB) and its development arm, OBADES, to build and support effective programs and ministries. They help to get churches involved with strategic community development projects, as well as help expand the capacity of the seminary to train effective leaders through improving accessibility to theological resources. Pray for Bolivia as they prepare for upcoming elections and for expected protests related to it. Pray for CBM beneficiaries – that we are able to bring hope, empowerment, healing and peace to those we serve.


Bruno and Kathleen Soucy and the Bolivia team

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Pray for Yuanchuan Ye and Ming Gao who are serving with CBM in Germany as part of the Chinese Ministries team



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This past month we had the privilege of hosting the Praxis team once again. Praxis is an incredible scholarship offered through CBM that’s available to those studying in Baptist Seminaries at the graduate level. This Course allows students to learn about missions by experiencing the field first hand. They learn about how CBM works, visit projects, experience cross-cultural ministry, and focus in on a chosen theme. This year's focus was the intersection of our faith and care for the environment. This is the second year our Bolivian team has had the opportunity to host this dynamic program representing


Hit the Books

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One part of this work that we love is that it takes us to remote places that are often overlooked. Last month we travelled to churches around the provinces of Oruro, Potosi, and Santa Cruz to encourage them to be missional in creative, practical ways that show Christ’s love to their communities. In the little town of Cruce Culta on the border of Potosi and Oruro, we received an incredible honour. The pastor had heard us speak previously and was exited not only for our visit, but to share that their congregation had already started to actively care for the


Introducing Union de Jóvenes Bautistas de Bolivia (UJBB)

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The UJBB (Union de Jóvenes Bautistas de Bolivia) is the National Youth Union of Bolivian Baptists. This institution focuses on supporting the needs of youth throughout the country, provides training, and works to promote mobilization. The term “youth” in Bolivia is a bit broader as it roughly includes people ages 13 to 25 years old. Each Bolivian Baptist church has a Youth Union—like a youth group—with an elected president, treasure, etc. These church unions are represented by larger regional youth unions (ten in all) based on geography. Finally the UJBB represents these ten regional associations as the

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