About Bill and Janice Dyck

Since June 2017, Bill and Janice Dyck have been serving in Bolivia with CBM’s oldest partner, the Bolivian Baptist Union (UBB). Janice teaches music to vulnerable children in the “red light” district of Cochabamba, also serving on the worship team at their local church. Bill helps organize support for pastors, in addition to teaching and guest speaking.

As a seasoned couple with experience in a wide range of ministry contexts, the Dycks have an extensive background in theological education and teaching music, working with CBM from 1999 to 2013. They were Global Field Staff in Indonesia for 11 years, training and mentoring pastors, students, and church leaders. After returning to Canada in 2010, Bill became CBM’s Western Canada Manager, engaging with churches to support global discipleship initiatives. Before joining CBM again in 2016, Bill served as the Associate, then Interim Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church in Calgary.

Bill and Janice have an adult son, a daughter, and a son-in-law in Canada.

Pray with Bill and Janice Dyck


A warm hello to all of you who faithfully pray for CBM’s ministry. We are Bill and Janice Dyck. Our ministry focuses on Latin America and the Caribbean, so we’d like to give you an update on highlights from the year that was and opportunities for the coming year.

Pray with Bill and Janice Dyck2022-12-15T12:02:16-05:00

Dyck Ministry Update December 2022


Sometimes we use the phrase “Hindsight is 20/20” for things that we think could have been better if we had only known ahead of time what was to come. I’ll use “Hindsight is 20/22” as a way of looking back on the year, recalling how things have been better than expected, because of God’s hand in events.

Dyck Ministry Update December 20222022-12-07T12:38:13-05:00

Dyck Ministry Update Sept 2022


Meeting virtually is better than virtually meeting, but it’s still not the same as meeting people face to face. I’m reminded of I Corinthians 13:12 where Paul says, “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face.” Since the beginning of the pandemic most meetings have been virtual, but since we last wrote you, we have been meeting people more face to face and that’s been wonderful.

Dyck Ministry Update Sept 20222022-10-03T11:38:51-04:00

Pray with Bill and Janice Dyck


A warm hello to all of you who faithfully pray for CBM’s ministry. We are Bill and Janice Dyck. I (Bill) serve in the role of Latin America, Discipleship and Theological Education Specialist, and I (Janice) continue to support a ministry to children in the red-light district of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Pray with Bill and Janice Dyck2022-06-27T12:03:51-04:00

Dyck Ministry Update Spring 2022


Since our last update, I would say that our attitude has been cautiously optimistic, or rather, one of vacillating between optimism and caution. We made optimistic plans to return to Bolivia in February to set discipleship ministry plans in motion for the year and bring closure to some of our involvements (in person), but caution caused us to postpone our trip.

Dyck Ministry Update Spring 20222022-08-12T11:49:28-04:00

Dyck Ministry Update November 2021


There they go, and I’m their leader. This is what comes to mind when I think about what’s been happening with Discipleship and Pastoring of Pastors (DPP) in Bolivia. It could mean that I’m not leading at all, or, as is the case, they’re taking initiative and doing exactly what I’d want them to.

Dyck Ministry Update November 20212022-08-12T11:56:10-04:00