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BY Bill and Janice Dyck | September 29, 2022 | min read

BY Bill and Janice Dyck|September 29, 2022

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Meeting virtually is better than virtually meeting, but it’s still not the same as meeting people face to face. I’m reminded of I Corinthians 13:12 where Paul says, “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face.” Since the beginning of the pandemic most meetings have been virtual, but since we last wrote you, we have been meeting people more face to face and that’s been wonderful.

Face to Face with Pastors

Even via Zoom it had been possible to begin a Discipleship and Pastoring of Pastors (DPP) group with four pastors from Guatemala; however, at the end of June I was able to meet with them in person. We spent the better part of a day together, watched Guatemala beat Canada in soccer; I preached in two of their churches, and we were able to introduce new pastors to DPP. All four of these pastors are now starting their own DPP groups, while I continue to meet with them as a group bi-weekly and individually bi-monthly. In addition to that, we’ve had two Baptist denominations in El Salvador express interest in starting groups there. The movement has gained momentum and meeting in person has given it an extra push

Face to Face with Seminary Leaders

One of my roles involves consultation around theological education. Thanks to colleagues, Bruno and Kathleen Soucy and Byron Velasquez, we were able to set up for four consultations with four different groups of seminary and church leaders in Guatemala and El Salvador. In many parts of the world, seminaries are struggling to recruit students. A possible reason is that what students are learning is not connecting well with the contexts in which they will serve—potential students don’t really care for what is being offered and churches don’t really care
for what graduates have to offer. In short, I encouraged them to consider changing their curriculum to better suit their context. Change always meets resistance which can only be overcome by dissatisfaction, vision, and the resources to put the vision into practice. For my part, I joked that I was mainly there to sow dissatisfaction with the status quo, but of course, we would have some vision and resources to offer as well.

Face to Face with Churches in Canada

Since being based in Canada another part of my job description is to connect with about 10 churches annually. In addition to attending Bonavista Baptist Church in person we’ve also been able to share about mission at their first in person women’s group meeting since the beginning of the pandemic, as well as the Norman Dabbs mission group at First Baptist Calgary, and Emmanuel Baptist Church (Spanish). We’ve recently spoken or shared at the Filipino Evangelical Church and at Bill and Janice

Willow Lake Baptist Church in Winnipeg, Asquith Baptist Church, and at the Baptist church in Red Deer. We have plans to speak at Claresholm Community Baptist Church in October. It’s great to see interest in mission continuing. It’s been especially encouraging to have personal conversations around concrete plans for mission involvement.

Face to Face in Bolivia

We currently have plans to go to Bolivia from October 25th till November 17th. An organizing committee and I are planning a two-day retreat
around the theme of “A Healthy Pastor.” We are expecting about 100 pastors. It will be great to see everyone in person. I also look forward to meeting my small group of leaders, speaking at our home church, Muyurina Baptist Church, and to a retreat and time together with our CBM Latin America team and others who will be coming from our CBM offices in Canada. Janice is looking forward to being with her music
students at the Emmanuel Foundation. Her piano found a new home at the Foundation (as has our car), so she will be able to teach the students whom she has already been teaching virtually, in person, for the brief time we are there. It will be hard to say goodbye again, but at least there will have been some time to connect in person and she plans to keep on teaching them from Canada.

Praise Items

  • Bill’s Active in Mission walking 10K a day for 10 days raised $1810.00 for children’s education. Children in Bolivia are just
    beginning to go back to in person classes. Thanks to all who contributed.
  • Our daughter, Marigan, continues to show improvement in her struggle with long-covid. Thanks for your prayers.
  • Praise God for a relatively safe and hassle free trip to Guatemala and El Salvador. Seeds have been planted in relation to DPP and
    Theological Education—now to nourish them and watch them grow

Prayer Items:

  • That Marigan continues to show signs of improvement.
  • For the upcoming trip to Bolivia from October 25-November 17th
  • For Goretty and the Emmanuel Foundation. The children as they go back to school—in
  • For follow up in relation to DPP and the theological consultations in Guatemala and El
    Salvador. Thank you so much for your continued support!Bill & Janice

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