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Laura Muema

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Laura serves alongside the Africa team, contributing to CBM’s overall ministry in the areas of family ministries, social support for vulnerable children, gender equity and empowering women.

For the past two years, Laura worked as a project officer with African Christian Church and Schools, our local partner in Kenya. In this position, she worked in the areas of Children’s education support and scholarships, and she provided support for CBM’s SENT trips when teams visited projects in the area. Previously, she worked with CBM under our Africa subsidiary Wordeed Inc.

Laura holds a graduate diploma in Community Development and Social Work and is in the process of completing a post-graduate diploma in Sociology and Social Work. She has also completed certificate courses in Gender and Human rights, Gender-Based Violence, Entrepreneurship and Business Creation, Community Leadership Training and the Formation and Functions of Self-Help Groups.  

Laura lives in Nairobi, Kenya with her husband and children. She loves to travel and spend quality time with her family. Her favourite food is pilau (spiced rice) and biryani.

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