Pray with Adrian Gardner

I’m Adrian Gardner, Director of Canadian Partnerships for CBM. Today I’m at the Tulcea border between Romania and Ukraine. Even as we’re here, many Ukrainians are crossing the border, fleeing home, searching for safety. I’ve been travelling for the past nine days in Romania, and it’s been a privilege to see God’s people respond in practical ways. To care for hurting people in practical ways and bring hope and healing to a hurting world. It’s a privilege today to invite you to pray. You as the Canadian church, to pray for peace in this region. Pray that we would see an end to this conflict. Pray for Ukrainians who are fleeing home and are searching for safety. Pray that they would be received well and find hope and safety through God’s people. Pray for the church throughout Eastern Europe – that they would continue to be beacons of light as they proclaim and demonstrate the good news of Christ. Thank you for your prayers and your partnership. May God be with you.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the many churches and organizations working on the ground in Ukraine and the surrounding countries. Pray that they will be equipped to welcome and provide for the influx of refugees.
  • Pray that food, fuel and other supplies will continue to be available and be transported safely to those providing humanitarian assistance.
  • Pray for the churches hosting refugees, that they may provide a warm welcome to guests and be able to demonstrate God’s love for all people.
  • Pray for Ukrainians who are fleeing the country and seeking safety and shelter. Pray that they will be welcomed and cared for wherever they go.
  • Pray for a peaceful resolution to this conflict. Pray for wisdom and strength for world leaders as they make decisions impacting large populations of people. Pray that negotiations will be effective and productive.

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