Pray with Bruno and Kathleen Soucy


Heavenly Father, by your great love we come before you in prayer.

Oh Lord so many of our churches in Latin America and the Caribbean continue to lose their pastors to COVID-19. Even today we have learned of another dynamic pastor here in Guatemala who did not survive. Lord, the churches are suffering and people are drifting away. Many of the indigenous people do not believe there is a pandemic and act in ways that are potentially harmful to themselves and others. There is so much fear and unkindness. Lord, we are burdened by these losses and the impact on families, churches and communities.

Lord, as we learn of the suffering and challenges that people face worldwide, regardless of where they live – fires, floods, corruption and ineffective leaders, we confess our sadness and our fears. We can feel hopeless. Help us Lord to believe that what is happening today will not keep us from anticipating a better future.

Lord strengthen those who are tired and discouraged by continual loss of income, health issues, and  lack of services. We ask you Lord to heal those who are sick and protect people from the virus. Stir other countries to love their neighbours, to be generous, to provide vaccines to those who still do not have access to adequate doses.

Lord give wisdom to those leading the church as we work together in these days to see your kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Father, help us to see what you are doing today.

We give you praise for churches in Latin America that we see working collaboratively and creatively to share your love and to serve their neighbours during challenging times.

We thank you for our partners who all desire to grow in their discipleship and leadership as they serve you Lord.

Lord, we see you working in and through the lives of CBM Staff and even providing new staff to share in this work, specifically in Guatemala and El Salvador.

We see you Lord at work through the deepening commitments of many of our Canadian church partners to be present for our Latin American partners through Zoom, shared services, prayer, and financial support.

We give you thanks and praise you because you are faithful, you are trustworthy. Because you love justice, you never forget those who are in need, and that in you Lord, we are strengthened.

Thank you Father for being with us, for giving us joy in your presence and for hearing our prayers today. Amen.

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