Pray with Joseph Lee


Dear Heavenly Father,

How majestic is your name in all the earth! May your name be exalted, for you are our creator and our Saviour.

Lord, we would like to pray for the country of Myanmar. The people of Myanmar are now facing many difficulties, including political issues, conflict and the pandemic. Many have lost their lives during this time. And many people are living in poverty and danger. I pray that your mercy and your salvation be upon Myanmar.

Lord, we would also like to pray for Thailand. The number of COVID-19 cases in Thailand is rising every day and there are not enough vaccines for people in Thailand.

I pray that you will grant leaders wisdom to deal with this difficult situation.

Lord, we pray for each CBM partner all over the world. May your peace be with them and strengthen them in their ministries. May you remember and bless every brother and sister who is involved in supporting CBM ministries.

Lord, we thank you for being our hope in this difficult time. Despite the challenges, we can look forward to the coming of Jesus Christ and put our faith in you. We thank you for being faithful so we can put our lives and our worry unto your hands. We proclaim that the kingdom, power and glory be yours forever. In Jesus’ name, amen.



主啊! 我們為緬甸禱告,目前緬甸處於各種危難之中,政治的變動、戰爭及疫情,許多人因此失去了生命,也有許多人生活在貧窮和危險當中,願袮拯救緬甸。




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