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Lam Ministry Update August 2022

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Providing support to other meeting places: Germany has been short of Chinese missionaries for a long time. In addition to the churches that we currently nurture, we also provide support to Bible Study Classes that are not led by pastors. Please pray that the Lord will keep us safe during our travel, so we may be a blessing to others. Online Ministry: Thanks to the Lord as the online platforms can overcome geographical restrictions. This allowed us to provide training to overseas Chinese missionaries, and to share our visions and missionary work with different churches.

Polisi Kivava Ministry July 2022

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After Covid-19 regulations were alleviated, I have been able to visit all partners since the beginning of this year. Visit to ACC&S in Kenya I visited Kenya in March to take part in the ACC&S peer capacity assessment. On the same occasion, CBM signed a new partnership agreement with ACC&S. On the same occasion, together with John Chan and Laura Muema, I attended the meeting of one of the VSLAs in the framework of the food security project. The project reaches out to school pupils to train them on CA as a way to reach also their parents, most of whom live on farming Visit to AEBR in Rwanda I took part in the research evaluation, which was organized jointly by AEBR and PDN, both partners of CFGB I also visited some farmers and appreciated the ownership of kitchen gardens. Visit to FEBAC in South Sudan The third visit took me to South Sudan, where I accompanied the implementation of two activities. First, I took part in the situation analysis for the new food security project in South Sudan implemented by FEBAC. Afterwards, I conducted a two days training workshop on leadership, resource mobilization and management for 39 pastors and leaders of FEBAC, after which the church held its second general assembly, during which they renewed their leadership. Rev. Saphano was re-elected as Church Moderator.

Pray with the Kwoks

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We’re the team leaders of the Chinese Ministries Team of CBM. We oversee the work in Germany, the Golden Triangle and East Asia. On behalf of our team and CBM, we would like to thank you for your ongoing prayers and support through our partnership.

Pray with Suraj Komaravalli

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Greeting in Christ’s name. I am Suraj Komaravalli and I serve as CBM’s Team Leader in India. I develop Integral Mission strategies in the eight states of India – Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Assam, Mizoram and Nagaland. I also seek to shape a more contemporary and contextual approach to church-based transformational ministry in India.

Mountain Standard Regional Minister CBWC

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The Community Engagement Pastor will seek to empower the people of Grace Memorial to strategically engage with the wider community outside Grace and in loving and supportive relationships with one another within the Grace community. In collaboration with other ministry staff, this pastor will give leadership, encouragement, vision and oversight to the various ministries which will further the vision for Grace to be a multicultural and multigenerational community.

Word & Deed August 2022

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And just like that, it's June, and our second issue of Word & Deed is here! At CBM, we are ramping up for our third annual Active in Mission run-bike-walk-a-thon for education fundraising event. Be sure to read our article titled "Get Moving For Education" to see why we're so motivated to help kids at risk through education. We hope you are inspired to get involved!