Collective Cup


As a community of Christ-followers who believe actions are an expression of faith, you, through the Collective Cup house blend, can empower local farmers who are able to realize the equitable benefits from their labours. This is coffee served with dignity & justice, which makes your private label coffee truly delicious. All while supporting CBM’s projects in El Salvador!

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Kakuma Camp Peace Building Project


The ABTS Alumni Initiatives project provides support to graduates of Arab Baptist Theological Seminary as they serve their communities through their local churches.The Kakuma Camp Peace Building Project (KCPBP) involves peacebuilding workshops that promote peace, encourage peacebuilding, and train participants to actively seek reconciliation. Certified Sudanese church leaders who have been trained to lead peacebuilding and reconciliation programs will facilitate these workshops.

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Beekeeping & Small-Scale Farming


The Beekeeping and Small-scale Farming project addresses food security issues among the rural poor in Bolivia. The project provides new skills and supplies for families to grow orchards, plant kitchen gardens and raise small animals. It also provides beehives to families and teaches them how to produce honey for consumption and marketing.

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Center for Continuing Theological Education Program (CCTEP)


Center for Continuing Theological Education Program (CCTEP) equips pastors to effectively minister to their communities in Capiz Province with practical training in the areas of pastoral care and counseling, leading meetings, managing budgets and community development. Support this project with financial contributions and prayer.

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Mount Sinai Comprehensive Support Program for Children


ACEBG’s program supports disadvantaged children in rural Guatemala by reinforcing their education and developing students intellectually, spiritually, and physically. Support this project through financial contributions and prayer.

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Literacy Training


In partnership with CBM, Soura Baptist Christian Mandalli Sammiloni (SBCMS) is raising awareness of the value of education and empower individuals to be agents of change in their communities. This initiative begins with teaching children, many of whom are living in impoverished families, how to read and write.

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Alcoholics Rehabilitation and Transformation


The ART program aims to rehabilitate and transform the lives of people who engage in alcohol abuse and supports the Ao-Naga community in North-East India by promoting alcohol addiction prevention and awareness. Support this project with financial contributions and prayer.

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