Pray for Gato Munyamasoko


Heavenly Father,

I praise you as you are holy, you are our provider, our protector, and our refuge. I am so thankful to you – by your grace you called us to serve you. I praise you that you called me to assist in the process of reunification of our brothers and sisters in the Community of Baptist Churches in East Congo (CEBCE) denomination in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Two major tribes spent 21 years in division and have come back to worship together. I pray that the process of reunification becomes effective and sustainable through the peacebuilding training that I am facilitating. I ask that the different target groups who are participating may become the catalyst of peace in the denomination and in the country. I pray that the political situation in DR Congo will stabilize and for many more people to attend the training.

I also pray for the whole CBM organisation, that you will continue  to strengthen its vision of serving   people in this broken world. I pray for all its programs to continue to make an impact among our partners and beneficiaries. I ask for your provision through Canadian partners – for more churches and individuals to respond to the needs of those in the margins.

Heavenly Father, I also pray  for my family , my wife and my children. God, would you continue to give them good health? Help them to be more committed to you. I pray for the studies of my children, so that they may continue to succeed and finish their schooling at university level.

I pray for my own health, for my mom and mother-in-law as they are aging. I pray for my extended family and for all Christians – that they continue to strongly walk in you.

Dear heavenly Father , thank you for letting us come into your presence to express our need. We praise you for what you are doing in our daily life.

Thank you because you hear our prayer and you answer them according to your will. Thank you for the grace that you give us.

We pray all this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Gato Munyamasoko

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