Pray with The Bustins

Hi – I’m Laura Lee Bustin. Darrell and I are Global Field Staff living in Kigali, Rwanda. We work with CBM’s partners in Africa. Last month, in mid-October, we hosted teams from all of our East Africa partners for the second and final module of the Integral Mission in the Workplace training. We were able to cover the last half of the new curriculum, which has been produced in both French and English. Each of the partners has now begun formulating a plan of how they are going to use the curriculum in their own contexts. Exciting days ahead!

On behalf of our partners in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, we ask that you pray for these countries which will both have presidential elections in December. Those will be critical days for the people of those nations. Also in December, one of our partners in Congo, the CEBCE, will be having their General Assembly, when they will decide, among other things, who will be their leaders for the next few years.

At the present time, a SENT team from Calgary is visiting here in Rwanda. I spent a week travelling with them as they’ve been engaged in various types of ministry. It’s wonderful to have SENT teams going again. Right now, Darrell is in Kenya, serving alongside our ACC&S brothers and sisters. He is teaching in their Bible school as well as preaching and facilitating seminars with pastors.

Thank you for having a desire to be informed about what God is doing in this part of his world and to support it in prayer.

Prayer Points:

Please pray:

  • Give thanks to God for the successful training with the Integral Mission in the Workplace curriculum, and pray for the partners as they seek God’s direction in how best to use it.
  • Pray for the nations of South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo as they have presidential elections in December. And pray for our partners in those places, that God may use them as beacons of peace and hope at those critical times.
  • Pray for our African partners (ACC&S in Kenya; FEBAC in South Sudan; AEBR in Rwanda; CBCA and CEBCE in DR Congo; CBT in Togo; LBMEC in Liberia). We especially remember CEBCE as their General Assembly elects leaders for the next five-year period.
  • Remember the SENT team from Calgary as they complete their time in Rwanda and return to Canada. Pray that God will use this experience to make an impact both in Rwanda as well as in their own lives and in their church.
  • Pray for Darrell as he teaches in Kenya with the ACC&S.

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