She Matters on Mother’s Day!

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Since 2014, the She Matters campaign has been a significant advocacy campaign for gender equity that has educated, equipped and empowered marginalized women and girls globally. The campaign has helped raise awareness and support for initiatives that address gender bias in all spheres of society. Millions of women in our world have the

Hey! It’s Not Fair! – Food Fight

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The prevalence of hunger is the painful evidence of global inequity and the harsh reality of poverty. CBM is committed to addressing hunger with projects that range from direct food assistance in times of crisis to longer-term food security - helping families to become confident in their ability to either produce or earn enough

Direct Advantage Giving

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Directing your church's mission funds to CBM is easier than ever! Use our online portal Direct Advantage Giving to download remittance forms and update your church's contact information. Advantage #2 Knowing you give means we can report back on the impact. We know it is vital to report to your church