Ministry Update

Kwok Ministry Update December 2023

Ministry Update

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Season’s Greetings from the Kwoks! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ministry/Project Update

At the end of October, we left for the Golden Triangle region. On the morning of our departure day, Conrad slipped and fell in the bathroom. We thought it was nothing serious, so we moved forward with our flight that evening. On the plane, he took some Tylenol to help with the pain. When we arrived in Taiwan, we decided to go to the doctor to get an X-ray done. We found out that he fractured one of his rib bones. The doctor said that he was not fit for further plane rides, so CBM advised him to cancel the rest of his trip. So, Conrad stayed in Taiwan to rest while Fiona continued on to the Golden Triangle. At the time this update was written, Conrad was recovering well, and the plan was for him to travel to the Golden Triangle on December 5 for a week and be back in Toronto mid-December.

I, Fiona, was in the Golden Triangle welcoming a SENT team from Calgary Chinese Baptist Church. We had a good ten days in the field meeting with partners, students, alumni, and ministries to see what God is doing in that part of the world.

Three teams were scheduled back-to-back in the Golden Triangle, from November 8 until December 13. The original arrangement was for Fiona to leave after the first team and for Conrad to continue with the other 2 teams. Due to his injury, our National Field Staff, Joseph, was on his own with the teams.

Please continue to pray for Myanmar and the ongoing civil war across the country. The armed ethnic groups are fighting against the junta. The unrest in the country has become increasingly serious and dangerous. I have contacted one of the alumni who is living in the war zone, and she told me that they are not able to go anywhere. The bombs and gunshots are very close so they can only stay at home. Even if they need to go to the doctor, they cannot go. In the city of Yangon, soldiers will arrest young people after 8 p.m. to put them in the army or fine them without reason. There are also anti-China demonstrations. People blame China for acting behind the scenes of the war in some areas. If the situation continues, Chinese people may become the target of attacks.

Throughout the last few months, our staff in Germany have hosted a total of 3 SENT teams from Toronto. Praise the Lord for the support and partnership from our Canadian churches. At the present moment, the situation in China is still very difficult. Pray that God will open doors for us.

Family Update

I was quite sick as I wrote this update and tested positive for COVID. Praise the Lord, I finally recovered after a very difficult time and am in the process of recovering.

Prayer Requests

  • Please continue to pray for the Chinese Ministries Team as we are planning our work for 2024. May God grant us the wisdom and good health to serve Him.
  • Please continue to pray for Myanmar as the situation is getting more difficult, may God’s peace be with the local churches.

Closing Greetings

Thank you for your continuous support. Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions or would like to know more about the ministry.

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