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BY Conrad and Fiona Kwok | March 24, 2022 | min read

BY Conrad and Fiona Kwok|March 24, 2022

min read

Dear friends,

Season’s Greetings! We are excited to have our first Christmas with family in Canada since 2013. Below are some updates since the last one in September.

Chinese Ministry Teams

Our staff continued working hard even though the pandemic is still a blocking stone for all the ministries. Please continue to pray for our field staff as they navigate the work in their areas. The situation in Myanmar is still challenging. We do not hear much in the news anymore, but we regularly receive information from our connections and front-line field staff. To give some numbers, for the last ten months, 1,697 conflicts occurred during the ongoing civil war. Currently, there are about 858,927 refugees. Of course, COVID is still killing a significant number of people.

Please continue to pray for Myanmar. May God’s peace be upon the country and churches. We pray that this year’s Christmas celebration in Myanmar will be even more meaningful to churches; as Christ is born, there is HOPE. The border between Myanmar and Northern Thailand is still closed. Our partner, Thailand Bethel Theological Institute, is still operating classes online. It has been very hard for students to persevere through online classes as resources are limited, but praise the Lord, 19 students will graduate in 2022.

We are now planning for our 2022 trip to visit the sites. God willing, we will visit Germany in April/May and the Golden Triangle in October/November. We also hope to bring a SENT team from Toronto for our Golden Triangle visit. This is a provisional plan right now, but we know God’s will is higher than ours. May His will be done.


We praise the Lord that even during a pandemic, we still have a lot of opportunities to visit churches online and in person. We met with old and new friends. All the hospitality we received really warmed our hearts. In early November, we preached and shared with a church online; the topic we were given was “We are stuck, but God’s not.” This topic is so suitable for the current situation of the world. God continues to work in different situations, even though we feel stuck. We preached at a church for a 3-day revival and mission conference. It was very encouraging, and now we are having a much deeper talk with their mission department to go through all the possibilities in promoting mission in their church. They also want to know more about CBM’s work.

Praise the Lord. We have visited a downtown church in Toronto. We see God is blessing this church by sending many students to the church. The church leaders also see that this is an excellent opportunity to reach out to these students. Many plans are in the works for the new year. We also recently shared at a rural church. They are in the process of encouraging the congregation to be more involved in mission. We hope that the mission sharing from different missionaries will excite them. We can see church revival when the congregation is willing to look outside its four walls.

We have also been involved in an online Chinese Perspective course. Conrad is involved in teaching and Fiona is working with the committee to promote the course. She also is helping with translation during class. We have already completed the summer course for 2021, and we are preparing for the winter course starting in January. The course attracts students from across Canada as well as a few from different parts of the world. Pray that God will continue to use this course to equip and encourage His children to work in local and overseas missions.


Conrad was hospitalized at the end of October for ten days. We went to the emergency room, afraid that something was wrong with his heart. It turned out to be gallbladder stones in his bile duct. He received two operations within ten days. We praise the Lord that it happened after we returned to Canada. The medical care here is much better than in Northern Thailand. The ten days in the hospital also gave him good rest. He is now fully recovered and feeling well. Our granddaughter Chloe is already six months old. Praise the Lord. She is healthy and is a very happy and easy baby for her parents. We are now settled into our condo in Toronto and are thankful to God for providing a roof over our heads. We are also getting used to the busy city life.

Prayer Requests

1. Please continue to pray for CBM and the Chinese Ministries Team. May God grant us wisdom as we navigate our work during this global pandemic. Please also pray for both the staff’s physical and spiritual health.

2. Please pray for peace in Myanmar. May God’s comfort be upon His children and churches.

3. Please pray for the graduates of TBTI in 2022. Pray that they will be faithful in serving. Also, pray for those who are still searching for ministry work. May God’s will be done.

4. Please pray for us as we enter a new stage of ministry. Please pray for our work to be done according to God’s will.

Thank you for your continuous support.

In Christ,

Conrad & Fiona Kwok

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