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BY Conrad and Fiona Kwok | June 15, 2022 | min read

BY Conrad and Fiona Kwok|June 15, 2022

min read

Dear friends,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. We hope this newsletter finds you well. Please see our ministries updates below:

1.The Field

Chinese Ministries Team.
The situation in Myanmar is still difficult. We continue to receive reports from the field. So many of our students, pastors, and alumni have contracted COVID. The high inflation and political unrest still affect daily life. People have no jobs, therefore no money to bring food on the table. The insecurity has led people to get into business scams as a quick way to make some money. A lot of young people, even Christians have participated in these scams. Schools have been closed for 3 years.

There are still shortages of front-line medical workers. Just 3 weeks ago, we received shocking news that one of our students, who graduated from TBTI this year, died of kidney failure. He was not feeling well since the beginning of March, he lost his appetite and thought it was a stomach problem and took some medicine for it. In the beginning of April, one day after he finished serving in another village, he arrived at home feeling tired and went to bed, and then he went into a coma. The hospital he was admitted to was too small, so they transferred him to Mandalay, which is a 5 hours’ drive away. The hospital said he needed dialysis because of uremia, but his blood pressure was too low to perform dialysis. He passed away after a few hours. It was very sad; he was only 28 years old. This is one of the examples that shows us what the medical situation is like in Myanmar.

For the Lahu project, in March this year, we have helped completed the 5th church building. Since our partnership with Pastor Duodu in 2017, the team has visited 40 villages and brought 500+ people to Christ. Praise the Lord and thank you for those who have partnered with us. Thailand Bethel Theological Institute (TBTI) will begin their new school term soon, this year they expect 17 new registrants. Praise the Lord, in the new school term, the school will reopen for those who are fully vaccinated to attend in-person classes. Students from Myanmar still need to wait until the border reopens.

Our Germany team is doing well and start planning to welcome new students in the Fall. We all see how God help the team to join hands and work through this pandemic. We continued to do some on-line training on zoom for pastors and missionaries in East Asia. All our team members are doing well and continue to serve to the best of their abilities as they navigate the pandemic.

We have adjusted our travel schedule to Germany. We are now going in August instead of the original plan of April/May. The schedule to Golden Triangle remains the same which is in November.


As churches gradually open to in-person services, our visits to churches are all in-person. We really enjoy seeing brothers and sisters. Thank you for the warm hospitality we received from those we met recently, and we look forward to seeing others in the near future. We also have plans to visit some churches in the West Coast in the fall. One of the reasons we relocated to Canada was for more opportunities to connect with our Canadian churches.


As most of you know, we became grandparents last June, our daughter and son-in-law had their first daughter, Chloe, and she is now about 11 months old. Praise the Lord, this February, our son, and daughter-in-law also had their first daughter, Sullivan, and she is now three months old. Both granddaughters are doing well.

Prayer Requests

1. Please continue to pray for Myanmar. Even though we don’t hear much on the news nowadays, we know the situation is still very difficult. Please pray for peace for this country.

2. Please pray for all our staff in the field. Pray for their health, safety, faith, perseverance, and wisdom as they serve our Lord.

3. Please pray for us as we travel in the next few months, either in Canada or overseas. Please pray that God will grant us health and safety as we travel. May the connections be fruitful and according to God’s will.

4. Pray for our family, the growth of our granddaughters. May we all walk in the path that is pleasing to God.

Thank you for your continuous support.

In Christ,

Conrad & Fiona Kwok

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